Frolic 'n Mae (2017)
Snowplow (2017)
I Love NY (2017)
After Spring (2016)

Documentary following the struggles and triumphs of Syrian families and aid workers at the Zataari refugee camp in Jordan.  Dir. Ellen Martinez, Steph Ching; Ex. Prod. Jon Stewart

The Tribe (2016)
Dryland (2016)

dir. Liv Prior Colliander

Taste (2017)
Solitary (2016)

audio sampling + electric cello

Rør Mig (2016)
Round Two (2017)
Aram, Aram (2016)

dir. Christopher Chambers

LA Film Festival; St. Louis Film Festival; Montreal Film Festival

In Pursuit (2016)

dir. Kevin Mead

Coca-Cola Commercial
George & Grace (2017)
Danny Boy (2016)

dir. Christian Vogeler

When You Can't See the Film (2014)


dir. Yijun He


Rogue Assistant (2015)

dir. Juliet Clare Warren

Sundance: New Frontiers 10/Year (2016)

dir. Luis Silva

score commission for Sundance's New Frontier Program 10 Year Anniversary Video

The Pakistan Four (2014)
Dodge Ram