EMERGING ARTIST // ISRAEL, JUNE 2015 / by Katy Jarzebowski

Honored and grateful to have been invited as an emerging artist to travel through Israel and meet with member of the film and music community as a participant of The backStorygroup. Highlights included: connecting with two leading orchestras, the Israel Camerata and the Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra; meeting with Yoram Honig and Alan Freeman of the Jerusalem Film Fund and Foundation, respectively; staying at the renowned Mishkenot Artist Guesthouse in Jerusalem; and most importantly, connecting with filmmakers and musicians in hopes of nurturing future creative collaborations.  

Wendy Revel, organizer-supreme and one of the coolest women around, led our group on overwhelming tour of culture, history, and the arts. A special thanks to the incomparable Peter Golub, brilliant composer and my head advisor from the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab.  Participants of the trip included screenwriter/producer Gary Goldman, producer Al LaGarde, producer/professor Dan Birman, and fellow emerging artists Ashley Velez and Jenna Pittaway, documentary filmmakers and recent graduates of USC Annenberg. 

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