Hey mama, I got published! by Katy Jarzebowski

I recently co-authored a chapter in the new anthology "Contemporary Film Music" with my wonderful composing mentor and Sundance Lab advisor, the brilliant Peter Golub. 

Somewhere in the great time-space continuum of the universe, a nerdy, awkward undergrad named Katy is winking at me... 

Check it out!

Sundance '17 // Scoring for Clea DuVall & Sundance TV // Oysters (!!!) by Katy Jarzebowski

Another wonderful commission for the festival, this time for Sundance TV! Had glorious fun scoring TASTE and collaborating with the incomparable Clea DuVall, who premiered her first feature 'The Intervention' at Sundance last year and is just lovely all-around. We screened the film, along with 4 other incredible collaborations in the film series inspired by the city of Seattle, and followed with a lively Q&A and fancy party.  Special thanks to Tim Purcell, producer extraordinaire, and Tom Norwalk of VisitSeattle.org

They also flew in oysters from Seattle for the party... go and visit Seattle! 

ARAM, ARAM rocks it at the LA Film Fest! / Props in the Hollywood Reporter by Katy Jarzebowski

ARAM, ARAM (dir. Christopher Chambers) rocked its premiere at the LA Film Festival as part of the LA Muse program, selling out the house, and received a glowing review from The Hollywood Reporter; critic Stephen Farber even gave props to the music "The score by Katy Jarzebowski… gives the film an electric charge."  Big smile when I read that… 

Thanks to director Christopher Chambers for the sweet shout-out during the premiere's Q&A. 

Feeling some major love and pride to have worked on this film.  

EMERGING ARTIST // ISRAEL, JUNE 2015 by Katy Jarzebowski

Honored and grateful to have been invited as an emerging artist to travel through Israel and meet with member of the film and music community as a participant of The backStorygroup. Highlights included: connecting with two leading orchestras, the Israel Camerata and the Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra; meeting with Yoram Honig and Alan Freeman of the Jerusalem Film Fund and Foundation, respectively; staying at the renowned Mishkenot Artist Guesthouse in Jerusalem; and most importantly, connecting with filmmakers and musicians in hopes of nurturing future creative collaborations.  

Wendy Revel, organizer-supreme and one of the coolest women around, led our group on overwhelming tour of culture, history, and the arts. A special thanks to the incomparable Peter Golub, brilliant composer and my head advisor from the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab.  Participants of the trip included screenwriter/producer Gary Goldman, producer Al LaGarde, producer/professor Dan Birman, and fellow emerging artists Ashley Velez and Jenna Pittaway, documentary filmmakers and recent graduates of USC Annenberg. 

See more photos here!

ARAM, ARAM will premiere at the LA FILM FESTIVAL (!!!) by Katy Jarzebowski

I'm thrilled to share that ARAM, ARAM will premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival!  Congratulations to the amazing Christopher Chambers - thank you for a wonderfully creative collaboration, I'm so proud to have scored your beautiful story.  

ARAM, ARAM will be included in the LA Muse program, stay tuned for screening dates and check out the announcements in IndieWire and Film Independent.  

SUNDANCE '15 / I am a blissful cinephile / Sundance Lab Panel / Alliance of Women Film Composers Brunch / SO MANY MOVIES by Katy Jarzebowski

Besides getting down and nerdy at every opportunity to talk about films at the festival, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel about the Music and Sound Design Lab with three other wonderful alumni and friends – Heather McIntosh, Jognic Bontemps, and Timo Chen – and moderated by the incomparable Jarom Rowland of the Sundance Institute Film Music Program. Another highlight included brunch with the awesome ladies of the Alliance of Women Film Composers - yes! Otherwise, a truly magical time of enjoying multiple quadruple-feature film days, catching up with old friends and making new ones was had, and had it was, happily.   

Alliance of Women Film Composers Brunch at Sundance

SUNDANCE Music and Sound Design Lab Panel

SUNDANCE Music and Sound Design Lab Panel

ARAM, ARAM dir. Chris Chambers by Katy Jarzebowski

The mix is complete on my first feature film project – ARAM, ARAM, directed by Chris Chambers. This was not only a great collaboration, but having the opportunity to stay with a project this long has completely reenforced my love affair with writing music for the moving image.   


The amazing people at the Sundance Institute have given me the unbelievable opportunity of spending my birthday in the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab at Skywalker Sound, as part of the feature film program. As a composer fellow, I was personally advised by the lovely Peter Golub and mentored by some wonderfully supportive and encouraging film composers: Alan Silverstri, Harry Gregson-Williams, Blake Neely, and James Newton Howard. A sonorous collaboration was had between myself and Skywalker sound designer Jen Ralston while working on a Sundance Directors Lab project and recorded the cue in the beautiful Skywalker stage. I've left the Lab with an embarrassing wealth of friendship and memories!   

2014 Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab (Feature Film) at Skywalker Sound 

In the booth with Blake Neely

I'm officially a Master of Music / Elmer Bernstein Award / ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop / Sorel Scholarship for Lady Film Composers by Katy Jarzebowski

NYU has determined me a Master of Music, though I still prefer 'mistress,' and have also given me the Elmer Bernstein Award, so that made my May. Then June got jealous and decided to raise the ante, so I've just completed the wonderful ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with kind support from the Sorel Foundation. Feeling so incredibly lucky to have worked with Mark Snow and Sean Callery at this workshop and really enjoyed the recording session with my fellow participants!   

Between takes at the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in NYC

JACK QUARTET performs 'OLD WORLD' by Katy Jarzebowski

The brilliant JACK Quartet brought my new piece OLD WORLD to life. This has been a soul project for me, and I'm so grateful to have had it performed with such total commitment by the group. A little note about the piece and the recording:  

Old World is inspired by the music of Slavic women's choirs. Often described as "mysterious," the peculiar intonation of these singers evokes a provocative "gypsy-like" spirit. The ugly and beautiful live together in wondrous harmony, bound by unapologetically primal passion and sincerity of emotion.  The intended mood of the piece is no single emotion of happiness or lament animosity, but instead a constant presence of many emotions in a state of nostalgia - a longing for the old world in this new age.